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Stuff of legend. Mr Slade's message echos through schools all over South Wales, his quotes are numerous and meaningful. With such examples as "Upsetting the apple-cart" "Rag-Tag and bob tail scenario" and "As near as damn it is to swearing"

His moustache has been growing since the beggining of time, and he has taken part...or manipulated many parts of history, including world war two, the formation of Metallica, the signing of the Declaration of independence, and the Signing of the treaty of Versailes.

It is also a little known fact that Mr Geoferry Slade was the 13th president of the USA, and the 1st prime Minister of the uk. He was reponsible in creating such areas and states as Utah, Yorkshire and Spain.

Slade settled down in his later years to impart pearls of wisdom upon the pupils and teachers of Llantarnam school. He now teaches physics....seeing as he invented the laws of the subject.
Theres Mr Slade....*Walks past*...Legend.

Mr Slade played all parts of Master of Puppets on his own, and also wrote all of Dark Side of the Moon.
by Mr Kelloway October 04, 2006
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