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A West Coast based company which builds high end computer cases. They are best known for their double wide cases and their willingness to customize their existing cases or build custom cases to spec.
I'm running both my gaming rig and my server in a custom Duality case from Mountain Mods.
by Holli4Pirating February 01, 2007
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A overhyped and grossly overpriced brand of cheaply made aluminum DIY computer cases designed with a unnecessary number of holes for blower fans. Popular among hopelessly insecure high school dropouts and manchild losers trying to fill the void in their lives.
35 year old manchild's Mom : "Hey Johnny can I dry my hair with your big shiny tin fan box ?"

35 year old manchild : "NOOO Mom that's my elite mountain mods HAXOR machine !! I'm GENIOS ! I told you before the basement is my LAIR !!"

35 year old manchild's Mom : "Ok Snookypoos want some Smores ?"

35 year old manchild : "OK Thanks Mom"
by tellmeanotherone September 22, 2013
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