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Due to the fact this majestic drink was white as a theme to winter, it is likely that this special drink was bestowed upon humanity by a snow angel. This drinks specific godly taste is unknown, but it is so amazingly angelically good that even it could make anyone get into the Christmas spirit, but can still be drunken at any season in which you will end up feeling something wonderful flow down your gullet.
Guy 1: I'm confused why that guy seems so happy right now, it's the Great Depression
Guy 2: He just had a Mountain Dew Whiteout that stuff makes anyone happy
Guy 1: Well, that explains why he's happy but why is the drink white?
Guy 2: To say it's like he's in the Christmas Spirit
Guy 1: I NEED THIS STUFF!1!!11!!!!1!
by Techn0Llama May 21, 2018
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