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Mount Stupid is the place where you have enough knowledge of a subject to be vocal about it, without the wisdom to gather the full facts or read around the topic. Taken from an SMBC comic with a graph correlating willingness to opine on a topic, with knowledge of a topic.
"Tomatoes are a fruit, not a vegetable" is a commonly spread mistake. Tomatoes are indeed a botanical fruit, however they are also a vegetable (in that vegetable in the scientific sense simply means it's a plant) An expert in the field will know that the distinction is not so black and white and might discuss it with full context, someone approaching that level might stay silent until they know all the facts, but a person with enough knowledge to be dangerous and insufficient wisdom to stay silent will spread the misinformation until they are corrected and knocked off "mount stupid".
by dictionatorial October 28, 2013
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