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one of the nicest people you'll ever meet. can get a whole room laughing within minutes. Is beautiful but covers it up. She is extremely sweet and caring and shows it. she is the backbone of all friend groups, and will put on a brave face for them no matter what. she goes through so much but never shows it to people. There are only a few people who hate girls with this name, and the only reason they do is because they are misunderstood. Mounisha's still have a childish way of living, they'll never want to get old. In their mid teenage years they will be awkward with guys, but once they are in their 20's guys will be lining outside the door for her. If you are friends with a person with this name, you should be blessed. and if ur not go find urself a mounisha.
Yo I just got a new girlfriend and she is so a Mounisha
by andrewdavis124321 April 24, 2019
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