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like whats the have? the common retard uses this. only this slaughter of the english language is a bastardization of a popular black phrase refered to as mother fucker. or to fuck ones mother. which by the way is incest. only "mother what what" is used commonly by retarded six year old boys mimicking "shaft" only in fear of getting slapped by their over weight drunk fathers they replace the profane word fuck with the words commonly used by half deaf people. those words being "what what". only the deaf have the right to say "what what" because lets face it they can't fuckin here you. also "mother what what" is used by child molesters and fags like elton john. i don't know if elton john has ever used the words "mother what what" but i'm going to assume he has...because he's a fag.
some kid: hey frankie wanna go play transformers and when we're done play i'll show you mine and you show me yours

some other kid: sounds like a sweet deal. lets go brotha.

some kid: lets do this MOTHER WHAT WHAT

me: OH MY GOD you little faggot. why don't u lay down on the autobahn. and die.
by guess April 18, 2004
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