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Mosh Fuck- origionating from the forum in early 2005. Mosh fuck is a term to describe sexual intercourse between two or more scenesters. Often rough and vigorous. Mosh fucking may be mistaken for S&M, however it is not kinky in any way, but it may leave some bruises. You may find a Next To Red or Bane Cd playing in the backround, setting the mood for mosh fucking.

Mosh fucking may also be used as a term to describe when two or more scenesters bring the mosh in a manner that appears as if they are in sexually compromising positions.
1) Brent sent Brad n00dz, depicting two teenagers moshfucking like all of their scene points depended on it.

2)The way Brent and Neil were rubbing up against each other in the pit, made it look like they were mosh fucking.
by xmoshxfacex March 23, 2005
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