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An epithet for one who shows a particular affinity for all things "Mopar," a derivative word coming from MOtor PARts, the parts and service component company of the Chrysler Group.

Mopards are usually distinguished by their vintage Dodge T-shirts, swollen knuckles, and at least a small amount of perma-dirt. A Southern accent is usually traceable, but not necessary to be a mopard.

Famous mopards include Joe Dirt, Bo and Luke Duke, The Blues Brothers, Arnie Cunningham, the guy Steve McQueen was chasing in Bullitt, and my buddy Travis, a damned fine sailor in the Navy.
It is a common misconception for a mopard to believe that yelling "HEMI!" will arouse any woman within earshot, instantly. But it is a misconception, and nothing more.

One who has gone sex nuts and mopard strong is not above fucking a Super B in the gashole.

A symptom afflicting the common mopard is the ever-growing stack of yellowed Auto Traders in the corner of the throne room, in which one will look for local specimens to go and gawk at in person, and possibly imply to the owner that they have the cash to buy it to convince him to let him "test drive" it, all while not having said cash.
by mr_gollihue June 26, 2011
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