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A noun.
-A person that "just dont act right," according to my south carolinian father.
-A person whose vigilant, overly wrought and bizarre actions are so alienating and conspicuously out of place in the person's social surroundings that he or she might as well be a "donkey on the moon."
-different from being a weirdo or nutjob because the person is in complete control of his or her cognitive abilities, and the actions go beyond weird.
-Usually, the moondonkey can provide a proper explanation for his or her bizarre actions and is in a pleasant and energetic mood while displaying the unusual activity on his or her part.
1.-"The way that man was a' jumping up and down on that bent tail pipe, hollering and waving his hands all up and down in the air made him look like a real moondonkey."-my father (describing a person fixing a tail pipe)
2.-"Lately, my boyfriend has been beeping instead of saying hello when he answers the phone. One beep means yes, and two beeps means no. He hangs up unless you beep back; It's so embarrassing!" -Girl describing her boyfriend's telephone etiquette.
by Jodi Page Corley Frankford March 17, 2007
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