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These are insensitive jokers, who can make mean jokes about others, in the name of sense of humour by calling others endless names from 'ugly puppy or cute monkey' to names slanderous beyond 'bitch', depending upon their moods, making humiliationg jokes about others, publicly.

But, they start crying or moo'ing in anger, when somebody tries to make jokes about them, in the same manner or even slightly.
1) Be careful..he is just a moo'ron joker..dont bother to react or retaliate, for he is too delicate or sensitive.

2)He is such a cry baby, yet he keeps making endless mean jokes about everybody...sure he is a moo'ron joker.

3)Hey now stop! you moo'ron joker! you dont want others to hurt you back.

by Petersonn December 09, 2005
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