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Monticello is a fun but boring town. It has a community center a walmart and a target that white kids go to after school. Its population is 95% white people. The kids like to get kicked out of the stores.
Emily: "Hey lets go to target in monticello mn a and get kicked out for fun"
Derek " sounds like fun to me, then we go to walmart and get kicked out to"
by Monticello12qw November 05, 2017
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Monticello or methicello where you come to get stabbed in the back fucked over and betrayed it's a pretty shitty town where half the people you know are on some sorta drug secretly but I mean it's in the name methicello
Monticello mn =Snitchs drugs backstabbers hoes
by TheTruthManOnGod February 01, 2018
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