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A thirst quenching alcoholic juice drank in huge quantities on Friday and Saturday and sometimes on Sunday. Monstrodka-lemonodka consists of 2.5 large shots of vodka in a pint glass half filled with ice and topped with Monster Zero or Monster Ultra, the white one, and sometimes the orange one and, most importantly, with a large lemonade top.

If you do not get the measurements of monstrodka-lemonodka right or the ratio of juice to ice, you will be banished back into the kitchen to make monstrodka-lemonodka from scratch until you get it right.
There are a few variations on the classic Monstrodka-lemonodka. Most popular ones include Liltotka-lemonodka (if you've ran out of monster), Monstrodka-spritetodka (if you've ran out of lemonade), Fantotka-lemonodka (not recommended).
" Hey it's Friday, it's Monstrodka-lemonodka time".

"I will have one Monstrodka-lemonodka please".
"This Monstrodka-lemonodka is kicking my arse right now!"
by astolicyna May 19, 2017
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