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A person who exhibits all of the following:

1.) Attempts to freestyle rap, and doesn't succeed.
2.) Takes advantage of drunk women (good looking optional).
3.) Every time he/she hangs out with friends has a 1:6 chance of completely wiggin out and going beserker doing random violent and irrational shit.
4.) ^ other than the previous traits is a pretty decent guy to hang out with.
Monopadice: "I'm white yall, like rice yall!"

Random dude: "Yo man, you want another beer?"

Monopadice: "Fuck this shit motherfucker! I'm feelin' a little irish! You wanna go motherfucker! Like I wanna fuck some chick after that shit that went on with the last girl, fuckin abortions and shit, what the fuck!? What the hell is this shit the fuckin bouncer wants to kick me out for drinkin' my beer after 2AM! I love titties!"

*Monopadice picks a fight w/ the biggest bouncer in the bar, gets thrown the fuck out, and peels out of the parking ramp in from of an unmarked car back towards campus*
by Tapemaster J September 21, 2006
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