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1) Term used to describe a despicable looking fucker. Someone that your stomach says look away, but your heart says go slap his fugly ass in the face and kick him in the nuts. Someone you’d expect was a stowaway on some freighter from Taiwan that was moving a bunch of cabbage and other illegal fuckers. This same person, usually male, that likes to talk shit and think he’s be big-time, but is really one of the dumbest fuckers you’ll ever know and most of the time all you can do is laugh at him.
2) Term used to describe a stupid bastard or someone you hate. This person is typically someone that is such a moronic fucker you wonder how they even survive each day, but somehow they do.

3) Anyone of Asian decent with poor English. Possibly someone that looks like he just fell out of an anime cartoon.
4) Someone about to get their ass stomped.
Do you know Philip? What a mongoloid fucker.

Did you see that mongoloid fucker at the store? I'd like to run over him!

That Taiwanese mongoloid fucker is one stupid bastard!
by legsplitter July 20, 2010
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