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girls of central asia,mix of mongolic and turkic tribes. They are curvy sexy with thick light brown to dark brown hair.
There is big diversity in their look. Some of them are blond,with green,grey eyes.
Their skin is from pale to light olive.
Guy1:Dude,this grils are hot.They look so exotic.Where do you think they are from?
Guy 2:No idea man. That one with wavy brown hair and hourglass body is so sexy.
Guy;1 I prefer the one with darker hair and full lips.But all of them are sexy man.
Guy 2;Come on.Let's go talk to them.
Guy 1; Hey girls,we were just trying to guess where you are from. You look so different
Girl1: We are mongolian girls.
by peterfamilyguy November 29, 2011
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