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The phonetic pronunciation of MMORPG, a behemoth of an acronym created by agglomerating the existing acronyms for Massively Multiplayer Online Game and Role Playing Game. MMORPG is a term now unavoidable but so ridiculous it should be mocked; "momorpuguh" not only satirizes the unwieldy blighter but reduces it from a six-syllable mouthful to a manageable four-syllable punchline. (Popularized in the game reviews of Yahtzee Crowshaw.)
Consumer: Just what the world needs, another derivative momorpuguh!

Marketroid: I'll have you know that World of Knights of the Old Gate is in fact an innovative and completely rethought MMORPG.

Consumer: <critical hit>

Marketroid: <groan><die>
by Noh Panse October 14, 2007
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