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to get molly womped is hard to live with
u either get beat at sumthing or u get ur ass wooped
tristan got molly womped in the basketball game.

tristan also got molly womped in school for talkin to much shit.

these are true storys.
by uglyboy101 May 10, 2006
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b) Mollywomp-(V.) 1. A throwback term for a beat down. not to a bloody pulp, but just a quick and painful beatdown. 2.When a grown man beats another grown man as if he were a girl under the age of 10. Getting mollywomped is not a regular beatdown, but a beating where the victim is so physically or mentally incapable of fighting back they go down like a little bitch. 3. The act of completely destroying an opponent to the point of embarrassment. 4. To knock out with little to no effort. 5. Term for a woman hitting a man over the head with a purse, typically repeatedly.
IE: Holy shit did you see that ol' granny Mollywomping on that dudes sorry ass?

Damn he got mollywomped!

Better call the wifey so she don't mollywomp me when I get home.
by Hardnox November 30, 2010
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to smack a girl across the face with your penis;usually done when engaged in oral sex
when she was giving me head yesterday, i mollywomped the crap out of her!
by JDMbaez February 16, 2007
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that bitch got molly womped right in da mother fuckin face... i think the smell of her pussy stillll might be on her face
by nastyassnick March 31, 2007
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To fuck a handicapped or otherwise disabled person.

In verb form: Mollywomping or mollywomped
I mollywomped the girl with a stubby arm.

I am mollywamping a vietnam vet.
by section8company November 09, 2005
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