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Mofre is a word I invented as a child. We would always use the term "mofo" which was short for "motherfucker", but one day I just got this idea for the word "mofre" cause it sounded cooler and the formation of "mofo" didn't really follow any rules either. It is pronounced "mo-fray". I also later started using the word "mofrecito" which translates to "little mofre" in spanish.
1. You stupid mofre.
2. I am one bad mofre.
3. My head hurts like a mofre.
4. It's cold as a mofre out here!
5. What the mofre is going on here?
6. My dad is a mofre, that's how I was born.
by Jormungand September 05, 2003
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