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1) Using the word “motherfucker” repeatedly while speaking, usually while shaking your booty, shucking and jiving, high-fiving or slapping your thighs.

In the 2003 HBO comedy show “Tracy Ullman in The Trailer Tails” Tracy plays Ruby, a Hollywood makeup artist. Ruby is doing makeup for Debbie Reynolds and telling her stories while she works. When she tells her about a black actress named Pepper who she used to make up to look white she recalls that the last time she saw Pepper she was looking and acting black again. Ruby offers her services to Pepper and Pepper declines because she is now “openly black” and no longer needs to be made up to look white. Ruby says “she (Pepper) was slapping her thighs and shaking her booty”….”high-fiving and mofo-ing”.
Leroy, Curtis and Reggie were down at the basketball courts mofo-ing.

Buddy Miles was over at the Boss Tweed practice room slapping his thighs and mofo-ing.
by Mortarhead November 06, 2012
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-short for motherf*cking, just like mofo is short for motherf*cker. is pronounced like mofoyng like foing is one syllable but with the y pronounced funny as in some asian languages.
by watchyaback December 05, 2005
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