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Means roughly "I agree" or "read this!"; unequivocal agreement with or endorsement of someone else's statements, oftentimes accompanied by an elaboration on the original statement. Generally found online in forums in reply to a post which the user of the phrase wants to highlight as exceptionally insightful or worthy of other readers' attention. Infrequently used IRL but hey, it's got to start somewhere. Possibly but inconclusively coined on slashdot. May occasionally be used in response to an item with which the user disagrees but wants to honorably highlight anyway.
David: You know, medieval people didn't really believe the earth was flat.
Frank: Mod parent up! This is a total myth. The story was made up as a strawman to make fun of religious people, but it is bogus. Every literate person knew the earth was a sphere, and probably every illiterate person also.
Sarah: But they did think the earth was the center of the universe.
by etc.etc. February 11, 2010
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