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noun. Short for Monarch High School, where the suburban white kids have money for some pretty good drugs and athletics rule supreme over all else. Home of swspo
"Dude, wanna joint?"
"No way man, I go to mohi, I'll be in the bathroom doing coke off a toilet seat"
by Gessie April 25, 2005
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the modern day hippie. Although one may be a stoner, tree hugger, vegetarian, enviromentalist, anti-war activist, or any combo of the above, this person also has ambition, acheivements and gets their shit done, they just may happen to enjoy some weed and sit in a park on a blanket and play frisbee along the way.
Isn't it so mohi that jane just rolled a joint and aced her exam?

I love that girls outfit, it looks really mohi.

Steve has a job and is really responsible, it doesn't matter that before hand he smokes a bowl, thats mohi.
by Prancing SunDeer July 22, 2009
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(Adj.) Person who talks shit to everyone and thinks he is the shit, but in reality they are hated by everyone and sucks at everything
Dude I hate Rick, he is such a Mohi
by Georgeforeman0011 November 16, 2016
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