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mitromney – adv. (mit-rum-nee)
1.) the foreshadowing of an event in a plot-lines future that does happen.
2.) an event that does not occur
3.) to raise attention to something not worth noticing.
4.) pointless for the sake of being pointless.
5.) when no one notices what you are trying to do
6.) a person who takes along times to find out they are stupid
Mitt Romney's campaign is a mitromney
I vote republican because I am fiscally conservative, even though it seems like a mitromney, I hope to be rich someday, so I support tax breaks for the wealthy…
Shave your face for music, you ironic mitromney hipsters.
Why are you mitromneying up the place?
YOU JUST GOT MITROMNEYIED!!! (idea for a hidden camera show)

Mitt Romney’s campaign is a miromney.
Mitt Romney was here and it bummed me out.
It sort of sounds like an old English word Shakespeare or J.R.R. Tolkien would use in their writings…

RATED R for retarded

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by Adam D. Woods March 20, 2012
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