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the funniest comedian I've ever heard. died reciently of a drug over dose. said things like "I ordered a club sandwich and I'm not even a member. you say u like your sandwich with three slices of bread? me too lets form a club. we need more speculations. instead of cutting the sandwich once, we will cut it twice. and we will put things in the middle of the sandwich like potato chips, or salad. how do u feel about frilly tooth picks? I'M FOR EM! I like sprouts on my salad. Well your not in the fucking club!
waiter: what kind of sandwich would you like sir?
Mitch: Pastrami
waiter: and what kind of bread would u like on your sandwich?
Mitch: banana bread.
waiter: and what kind of cheese?
Mitch: cottege cheese.
waiter: I'm not making no fucking banana bread cottege cheese pastrami sandwich!!
by I fuck dumb bitches April 27, 2005
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