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the male version of cameltoe, i.e., when you can see the guy's package because of the tightness of the pants
Wow, Jim's missile toe nearly put my eye out today when he walked up to my cubicle.
by Jon Michael September 18, 2007
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(v.) When a person uses their hallux (big toe) to stimulate their partner sexually. The act is most commonly performed on a female and upon the vagina. Variations exist using the other toes and/or other orifices. c.p. fingering.
"Yo man what's with the limp?"

"Bro I got really bad foot cramps, I missiletoed Sarah last night and fucked up my foot."

"The fuck?"
by crankfoot December 26, 2013
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Refers to either of two incendiary-rocket-related definitions:

(1) The characteristic bruising/blistering suffered by careless/clumsy armory-workers who repeatedly drop said ordnance while wearing inadequate shoe-protection.
(2) A spherical-shaped cluster of explosives which is hung from the ceiling at a terrorists' end-of-year party; it's the only way to get these hatred-steeped warmongers to display any degree of affection.
Contrary to what he told Jeff Dunham, Achmed came to look as he is today by trying to kiss one of his 46 wives underneath the missiletoe --- he'd unknowingly set the timer wrong on one of them, and the whole 0%!$@# cluster went up due to "premature detonation".
by QuacksO August 04, 2018
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