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Basically the misuse of the word 'random' to describe or prescribe unrandom ideas.

Our brain works like flickering through television channels, get used to it.

Mostly committed by individuals to make their own idea sound cooler than it is or to express easy amusement to unheard ideas.

Think the episode of Spongebob Squarepants where a gorilla suddenly appeared into the scene, now that's random.
A: I was thinking of eating gummy bears that day
B: that's so random!
C: dude, misconception of random (MOR)!

A: I made a random dish that day. I used eggs and apples!

non-MOR is:
A: I should finish this book I'm reading soon... SNOWBALLS
C: RANDOM! you reminded me of the queen's underwear size
by captainflyingmonkey May 22, 2009
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