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1. A room that is disheveled and of disarray after a very wild & kinky sex bout. Often the musty smell of dick and vagina lingers in the air of such a place.

2. A place specifically used for sex quickies. Usually a pornographer's casting call room.
Ex. 1~

Shannon: "Dad, I'm going to meet some guys at the movies...night!"

Dad: "Oh no you aren't! Your room looks like a mink titty den. Are you sure you were just studying last night?"

Ex. 2~

Casper: "Yo, these drunk hoes wanna fuck, but my Mom's home..."

Aaron: "No prob, we'll go to that mink titty den in the rec center, no one's there!"

Casper: "Good lookin' out, I'll drive!"
by Haloed Griot March 31, 2005
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