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A person that works for a minimum wage job, or close to it, usually in Wal-Mart, Best Buy, McDonald's, Applebee's, Quiznos or a bank that takes their job too seriously and acts like they own the business. If the place was being robbed, they would fight the robber. They scrutinize every coupon coming in like they work for the FBI. They spend inordinate amounts of their own time and money taking care of the place, often coming in on their own time "to see how things are going." Many have the impression their efforts will eventually be rewarded with a better job with a living wage. That is true sometimes, but when it isn't, they have lots of trouble figuring that out. Most of their fellow employees hate them.

A great example of a minimum wage hero is Jennifer Aniston's co-worker, Brian, from Office Space, and his "flair."
Michelle is a minimum wage hero because she virtually works 24/7 at Best Buy, likes to hang out at work on her days off, and even though her boss doesn't pull his weight, she does everything for him for $8 an hour. She thinks she will become a district manager someday, but she's been there for 5 years and hasn't even been considered to run a store!
by Jay Samson August 09, 2009
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