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Noun. Rapid and unexpected regurgitation of a small quantity of a recently eaten and often acidic meal. Reflexively it is swallowed and followed with a look of disgust.
Man, that bucket of chicken made me have a mini vom. Ugh!
by DaBudsInMD April 14, 2006
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To regurgitate a small amount of food into your mouth, a step beyond the dry retch. Abbreviated from miniature-vomit.
Just the idea of the president naked made me minivom.
by snaxx August 27, 2007
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A small hurl of puke, often done purposefully to make the person feel more refreshed after taking lots of drugs, or perhaps alcohol.

A friend: "Mate. whats wrong? You look ill."
Kethead: "Mwer, need, a, er, mini-vom."
And he throws up...
by Monogram August 13, 2007
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