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A knock off version of Counter-Strike global offensive on a popular Minecraft server call Mineplex. Minestrike Is just like csgo but it is for 6 year olds who lack parent supervision or for try-hards who are too lazy to accully get csgo. The league in Minestrike called the Minestrike Competitive League or know as the MSCL is like a cult of try-hards with no life or friends and join try-hard teams with try-hard names like Final Spark or Dissension. The MSCL is also like communism were if you talk shit about the owner you will get blacklisted. Blacklisted means you are temporally banned from playing in any Competitive matches. There are even referees in this cult and it is fairly organized for a bunch sad losers who have nothing better to do.

Minestrike is a very competitive game and requires lots of skill, no life, and no friends. If you are interested in Minestrike I would just buy CSGO it is a much better game and you might even make friends (unlike Minestrike Players). So pick up your mouse and keyboard, put on some pants and game on.
8lives - Want to play some Minestrike
Momeet- No I'm going to go play CSGO
by Momeet January 04, 2017
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