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a lactating woman. a woman giving breast milk from enlarged breasts.
Damn that kid is still on the milk train (child is still breastfeeding)
Ride the milk train. (fuck a lactating woman)
by Twisted Fixtures June 29, 2007
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something someone says when honking the boob, or giving a titty twister; another word for titty twister or nurple
person 1: *walking down the street*
person 2: stops and says "O My Golly G Willikers!!! What is that over there?!?!" *points to something off in the distance
person 1: *looks over in the distance and is distracted*
person 2: reaches over and pinches person 1's nipple in the process of a titty twister while exclaiming "MILK TRAIN!!!"
by One of the other Alexes February 13, 2008
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