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Mother I'd Like to Fuck, NOT!

In the spirit of the "Not" jokes that have recently resurfaced in "Borat", a MILFN is a less than hot ass mom of a friend's that you really don't want to do.
Did you see Peter's mom?

You mean the one over there?

Yeah, I wouldn't touch her with a ten foot pole. She's a total MILFN!
by Peter Peter January 16, 2008
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1(v.) to pursue older women for sexual liasons 2(n.) a sexual experiance involving a younger man and and older woman
v) "Dude, Bon Jovi is in town this weekend. Let's get tickets and go milf'n."
n) "Let's go buy your Mom's friends some drinks and see what happens. I could use a good milf'n."
by x10leah27x August 20, 2011
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