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A quick one word description that you can just throw out at anyone at anytime and quite possibly anywhere. You can use MIKOC within a sentence, or by itself in a one word phrase. Most commonly used form of MIKOC is when talking about the good times you had with your girlfriend, their girlfriend, their mom, or anyone of many family members that would take offence. You can get some serious ownage going on if you place MIKOC in the right sentence and say it at exactly the right time. It will take a few uses of MIKOC until you get comfortable at throwing MIKOC out just anywhere.

MIKOC could be meant to say "My Cock" but you say it so fast and without a pause that noone outside of the loop will even notice MIKOC being used.
So Jon... Last night when I was with your mom, I pulled out MIKOC and gave her the danza. Who's the boss now!?
by Potaki August 10, 2005
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