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A Mike pickle bum is an extremely hard find. You should recognise one by his hairy chest and big doe eyes. A Mike pickle bum is very loving and caring and if you should find one, love him with all your heart because you won't find another. A Mike pickle bum loves to travel and explore the world. You should prepare yourself for adventure and potentially sleeping rough occasionally. A Mike pickle bum loves to be on the look out for treasure as well and will probably idolise Indiana Jones. However through all of his travels and stories he has to share, he adores snuggling up on sofas with a good film and a cat asleep on his lap. A Mike pickle bum will treat you so well and love you forever. He will make you giggle and cuddle you rotten. He will surprise you and treat you to surprisingly good lasagnas. A Mike pickle bum is the most special thing you will ever meet.
"I met a Mike pickle bum!" She whispered gleefully.
"No! That's wonderful!" Her friend exclaimed through gritted teeth, the deep shade of green envy flushing through her cheeks.
by Lady Fairy May 27, 2016
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