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There are two types of Miitards:

1.) Someone who obviously used the Wii U's "Create Mii From Photo" option to create their Mii. Such Miis tend to have large noses, small eyebrows that are far apart, small eyes that are spread far apart, and V-shaped mouths.

2.) Someone whose Mii is barely different from the default Mii.
"Look at that miitard. He couldn't have took the time to make sure his Mii actually looks like him?"
"And look at that Mii over there. It's barely been changed at all."
"Miitards, man..."
by Sir Jolteon June 21, 2016
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A person who spends hours on end making miis just for their own entertainment. Normal miitarted miis are fat, have big noses and are very, very short.
Miitard: Dude you have to see the 5,967 miis I made last night!
Dude with a Life: God you are such a friggin Miitard!
by Tompkins818 April 09, 2007
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