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A social meal enjoyed in the middle of the night. Less formal than a regular dinner, yet more sexually productive than a mid-day lunch, the midnight lunch makes for the perfect compromise offered to a booty-call desiring a meal and a public appearance, yet not deserving of prime-time pricing.

Since most fine restaurants are closed at this time, one can get away with treating their date to an economical meal at Denny's or a taco shop while appearing to be the victim of circumstance, rather than just cheap.
"Hey Steve, Boquisha was telling her girls you two went out on a date last Tuesday, is that true?"

"Hardly, she came over and we went in the jacuzzi and did our thing. I got hungry after so I decided to treat her to a midnight lunch at Bennigans."
- Steve


"Hey baby, I saw you were online, thought you might be up for a little swim and a midnight lunch..."

"Sounds good, I love Denny's ranch dressing, do you have a wifebeater I can borrow? I lost my swimsuit.."
by Ruhbee! November 13, 2007
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