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Religion based off the consumption of smoothies and the belief that every soul is a certain flavor. Enlightenment is reached when the soul ingests it's synonymous flavor. Rituals take place on new moons, full moons, and leap day. Every new moon Smoothites gather their ingredients and depending on their month's flavor combinations, they will either bury or freeze their components. (Freezing and burying will ensure that the ingredients stay fresh and are purified by the Earth and it's natural forces. However if your ingredients rot or are damaged in some way, do not ingest. This combination was not your souls match and it was the Gods warning you so. However some sects believe in eating the rotten ingredients in an attempt to reach enlightenment however this just annoys the smoothie gods and they won't warn you about wrong combos again.) Every full moon, the ingredients are dug up or thawed and blended into a smoothie. If the combination is correct enlightenment shall be reached if not, the next full moon is another chance. Every leap year true believers take the leap day to travel to find an exotic or extremely fresh ingredients. Many believe this day to be sacred and bring good luck in correct combinations. Word of caution, if one dies before finding their souls smoothie, they will be reincarnated as a lesser being until they finally find their flavor combination.
"I can't wait for leap day! I'm traveling to Antarctica to find a rare toot that might be my missing ingredient!"
"Oh I didn't know you practiced micronutritism! I've always wanted to get into that."
by RiriRascal January 19, 2017
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