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tall, spiky hair, probably has a ps3 n plays c.o.d black ops ruthlessly.... he will normally have a pet, most probably a cat named jonty, he responds to names such as mick mick, mickerson, micky durnam and the occasional jayco micky durnam......he can get savage alot if you annoy him or piss him off..........and be warned he may skull a hole bottle of red smirnoff and pass out in a garden, sleeping on his own spew
person: hey dude theres this guy on cod that is ruthlessly owning me.
person2: duuuuuude you must be versing the MICKERSON!! he only plays cod apparently its the love of his life.

example 2
person1: duuude someone passed out in my garden hes laying on his own spew? would you know who he is?

person2: duuude he must have got mickerson last nite

vetinary: we have a cat in surgery he got his paw stuck in a sliding door.
vetinary2: duuude he must be mickerson's cat jonty
by Mickerson_1 June 07, 2011
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