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the michigan high five is when one gives a hand job to completion whilst wearing a mitten. the act, however, is not limited to michigan residents or visitors. you can perform the michigan high five in any of the contiguous united states. one can do it in hawaii or alaska, but it is frowned upon.

the origin of the michigan high five is derived from the state's mitten-like shape and harsh winter weather conditions. it's perfect for those who enjoy giving a hand job, but dread the mess. there is currently a line of mittens being produced just for this sole purpose, so keep your eyes and hands out for MH5 mittens in an array of colors and textures.

and for those living in colder climates, don't be ashamed to give yourself a michigan high five. that's what it's there for.
why don't you come back to my place and mama will give you a michigan high five.

it's cold outside. how about you slip on that mitten and give me a michigan high five.

did you make it to third base? nah, just gave him a michigan high five.

2 degrees, 1 mitten: the michigan high five.
by mamaknowsbest1 November 19, 2013
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