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A really slow animator who takes forever to come up with new animations. Animations aren't that great and is a total nerd in that he obsesses over Stepmania 24 hours a day and has an ambition in life to become best Stepmania player within Canada. He has no social life in that his life revolves around the Internet and without the Internet his self-esteem would be crumbled. His "friends" are people who post on his deviantart page and leaves comments so if you want to be this lame guy's friend, definitely leave comments. He is suspected to be gay but he is still unwilling to come out the closet.

CONCLUSION: sounds cool on the Internet, but only to a certain extent cause who the hell names themselves micCOOL
in person = failure
Give me the penis

I like the penis

Stepmania should have penis

I would KILL Stepmania if it had penis

Penis is cool

Penis = miccool
by Pegasusiousm May 28, 2009
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