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A mgaff is to be a being so stupid, fat and think you know everything. Most of the time the mgaffs will probably bleed hot pockets instead of blood. Most of the time is on the computer and cant get off or get a life. This poor species is rare so don't kill an mgaff if u see one just report it to the local zoo, animal museum or animal shelter.

Can also be used as a noun and an adjective
Noun: To be extremely fat, lazy and love eating hot pockets (most commonly used as an insult)
Adjective: A way to say obese and lazy without using both words.
Bob:Hey Jim i saw an mgaff yesterday

Jim:No way are you sure? they're usually just fat nerds.

Bob:No Jim im sure i saw it bleed hot pockets.

Peter:Hey Melinda how bout you stop being so stupid?

Melinda:Well Peter at least im not an mgaff

Little Kid:And the new kids stupid, acts mean and is an mgaff.
by tots13617gamertag February 04, 2013
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