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MF(Mother Fucker) plus ILF(I'd Like to Fuck).Which comes out as MFILF. In other words, it's: motherfucker i'd like to fuck.
friend: dam...your girl friend is a muthafucka!
friend: that's right, she is a mother fucker!
me: na,that a mfilf to me.
by Àíäðþlu March 30, 2007
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MFILF, or "Mother Fucker I'd Love (to) Fuck," is any prize winning personality that has pissed one off royally for any number of reasons whether warranted, or not. And yet, at that very moment this might be how one would like to return the favor.
There goes that MFILF; Mother Fucker I'd Love (to) Fuck, again.
by Naughty Maverick January 31, 2008
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