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A man who deeply desires to be a metrosexual like Ryan Seacrest. Wants to wear only designer clothes, get facials, pedicures, and overall be beautiful, BUT JUST CAN'T AFFORD IT. So they end up wearing "designer jeans" from Target, Dolce Gabbana glasses that say made in China, and having to pluck their own eyebrows. Terrible!

If they are lucky enough to be able to afford a few nice pieces of clothing, they wear that same damn outfit everyday!!
A mexosexual is that "Latin" guy you see walking down the street, with only 2 buttons done on his shirt exposing his bare chest, tight jeans, and that blinged out belt buckle. And don't forget the cowboy boots, because they can't afford the Gucci's.
by Ashley and Tony October 21, 2008
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