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The mexican truffle is a horid birth defect where the baby is born with a tattoo of Ricky Martin on his/her right chest and another of corn on the cobb located on the left buttocks. There is also the random convulsions and seizures of the crotch area. This is usually the result of a very outgoing mother who enjoys crappy music and eats la comida de mexicana 13 to 15 times a day...THIS CAN HAPPEN TO ANYBODY even YOU! you have been warned...take notice and stay in school
Tommy Boy: Dude your crotch is vibrating terribly man!
Ryda Roo: Yeah it does that from time to time, i just kinda let it do its thing..I got mexican truffle y'know..
Chrissy from Guam: You get that too!?!?
Ryder Roo: hells yeah!!
Tom,Ryder,Chrissy,Jesus: YES!!! *high five*
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