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when a man cums on a girls face, leaves it to dry, and peels it off later as a cum chip
Debbie: I ate my boyfriends mexican potato chip last night.
by clusterslugs March 08, 2009
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Similar to the 'California Potato Chip', but with more spice! First you must feed your woman very spicy food (preferably Mexican) and wait 20 minutes to 8 hours when she has to go. Start banging her ass like you would a prison inmate picking up all those savory processed Mexican spices. Pull out, rub your cock in the small of her back while you cum hard... allow it to dry overnight. When you peel it off and feed it to her for breakfast, "ยกAy, Caramba! That's PICANTE!" To really go South of the Border, you might try combining this with a good ol' Dirty Sanchez!
After waking up and feeding Lolita a Mexican Potato Chip, she looked up with those big brown eyes and mustache and uttered, "Why me?"
by AlYar January 17, 2014
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