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The term "Meth Tick" is referred to as a form of an IOU agreement between the supplier and user of meth, in which the user would obtain and inhale the agreed quantity of meth before they are financially capable to pay their supplier.

During "Meth Tick", an agreed quantity and price of meth will be set by the supplier and user. Furthermore, a deadline to pay the Meth Tick will be set by the supplier, in which the user must accept before they are granted Meth Tick. MT's lack of popularity amongst suppliers is due to the always high risk of the user evading the tick bill completely, which is more commonly known as "not being good for the tick" or "throwing off".

The cons of the Meth Tick on the suppliers end heavily outweighs the pros, making it an almost seemingly pointless manoeuvre for the supplier to make. A good incentive some well experienced users tend to put forth to their supplier is something we like to call collateral - this is done in order to improve the users chances of a successful Meth Tick.

Collateral is an offering the user makes to the supplier, which would be a materialistic item of high dollar value such as a set of djm/cdj2000 decks, electrical appliances or even your mothers beloved engagement ring. The price of the offered collateral item(s) must meet or exceed the price of the agreed amount of meth. Failing to do so will result in a disinterested supplier.
1. Do you think Isaac will be up for Meth Tick?
2. Larkin mate, if you don't have any money, Meth Tick is the only option until pay day.
3. There's no way I'm doing another Meth Tick for Nathan, last time I kept his ipad he offered as collateral because the tick bill wasn't covered in time. Nathan: "I know the money is late, but is there any chance i can get my ipad back?" Isaac: "No way cunt that's long gone". Nathan: "Phwoahh. Loose."
by BigTimeBenny July 25, 2014
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