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A school located in on the exact border between Burnsville and Eagan. It is one out of three junior highs in district 191. Aside from its bugs and teachers who never seem to age, there is quite the mix of kids. From preppy kids who think they're the crap, to ghetto kids who hang out in gangs. Though going there is a pain in the butt, it is still better than its counterparts aka Eagle Ridge (annoying ass rich thots and tools) and Nicollet (scary hood kids & dirty faucets) Beware the STEM kids at Metcalf are quite...nerdy. Metcalf is known for its chess team that places nationally, but to the students who aren't on the team, it is a thing used to make fun of people. MJH also has many clubs that meet maybe twice a year and are a joke to not only the students, but also other schools.

*Can also mean a mixture on ghetto and preppy or two-faced
You're being such a metcalf junior high today. Ugh
by rad booty January 24, 2015
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