One who heuristically solves or defines problems in reality and asks about the thought and material used in its scientific principle to come up with a theory.
The Metaphysician describes a piece of wood by its chemical properties and tries to watch it burn in a fire. They wonder about how it burns and what a flame is and how that is made. The idea is physics, how does it work. In variant they look at anything that has not been proven in the unknown. "Prote, hyle,?" They say.
by Poiler November 23, 2013
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A decentralized group of loosely affiliated Metaphysicians who incorporate Dudeist practices into their work as metaphysical healers. Dudeist Metaphysicians in the Dudeist Metaphysicians League are healers who help their clients "go with the flow", "take it easy" and to simply "abide".

The group was founded by ordained Dudeist priest, Abide University alumni and Metaphysician, Rev. Joseph D. Smith, Ph.D.
I get the best Metaphysical services through the Dudeist Metaphysicians League, man!
by Julius the Jules October 27, 2021
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