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a person who rides bmx bikes at skate parks, even when it is clearly posted, "no bikes allowed." characteristics include "snaking" your run, trying ridculus tricks they can never do, and clogging areas by just standing in a larg group in an inapproperate place.

the name is given to them by bladers and boarders who grow tired of their presance. it comes from the fact that the seats on their bike is positioned in a fashion so the skinny part of it is jammed directly up their rectum after every trick that they try to do.

they should also be given the most credit for tearing things up with their pegs. in short, the reason why most people don't want skating on their property, ruining it for everyone else.

also called rump riders, biker fags, homo riders, emo bike fags.
blader: damn metal humpers are tearing up the rails again with their pegs.

boarder; yeah, don't they realize that no one wants them here.
by dark_graham May 29, 2006
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