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english noun

Etymology: (prefix:) meta + fuck

1. Indifference or being indifferent.
* They say they don't like the way I act but really I don't give a #metafuck.
* When people go out of their way to show that they don't give a fuck about new years. Are they really not giving a fuck? #MetaFuck.
2. A serious problem, usually conserning gaming or programming.
* Metafuck is a compiler that translates an awesome programming language to Brainfuck and it also includes an interpreter that runs the generated code.
3. Extreme sexual habits.
4. Conduct opposed to mere sexuality; Non-vulgar sexuality.
1. I don't give a metafuck!
2. Metafuck! The screen jitters again!
3. I want to metafuck you hard my dear analgel!
4. - We do have a metafuck relationship. Sex is not the only thing that matters for me and Jollie!

-Are you fucked in the mind? You relationship is simply metafucked!
by Quantomechanician December 04, 2015
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