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1.) A small and hairy mamal that digs holes. The Merekat on occasion is known to hump people (similar to the dolphin). They are not friendly, and often eat babies. They are commonly associated with the cat, however they more closely resemble the ferret. Take note that the cat in mereKat is spelled with a K. Merecats have unusually large genitailia, and have vivacious sexual apetites similar to Hugh Hefner on Viagra.
2.) An exhilarating sexual position involving 1 clothing hanger (preferably plastic, but metal can work as well), 1 Seattle Super Sonics Sean Kemp jersey, 1 flower pot, 1 manual pencil sharpener, and 3 chop sticks.
Ryan has mind blowing sex at a leisurely pace with the well endowed Merekat, which turned out to be much better than the homosexual sex he normally has.
by ECass June 27, 2005
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